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SKYLINE UL-Tow-Release

SKYLINE UL-Tow-Release description


The Skyline UL-Tow-Release is made of 20mm wide webbing and suitable for UL towing! The release when pulling the split pin requires only half the force that is deflected by the pull rope! It is based on the principle of a separation system for parachutists and has been the standard for many years! 2 loops made of a high-strength braided Dyneema line, one short and the second correspondingly longer, looped into each other via an eyelet that loops through the webbing and is fixed with a stainless steel pin.


To release the pin, pull it over a loop wrapped with shrink tubing, which is stiffened and thus ensures precise and quick separation. With a short pull, jerk or push forward in the pulling direction of the tow rope, i.e. away from the body, i.e. even if there is no pulling force on the tow rope, you can effortlessly and safely separate - unlike conventional tow releases with releasing towards the body. If the tow rope has no pull and sags loosely, you may just pull the release line when trying to separate and then need two hands to successfully release.

The UL-Tow-Release is available in 3 Versions:


1. V line through the tow rope, on one side the release, pulling force halved and on the other side a week link if desired. After it has been released, it is divided into two and can be stowed away on the left and right of your harness.

2. V line through the tow rope and a release on both sides, traction halved. After it has been released, it is divided into two and can be stowed away on the left and right of your harness.

3. release with V line attached to the harnesses webbing, direct force.


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