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SKYLINE ZD SOX mit Moyes Matrix Carbonplatte


In cooperation with Tom Weissenberger (multiple world record holder) a new harness system was developed, which only needed minimal modification from the existing Skyline ZD Speed. At the front and rear of the plate end, pockets were sewn in for the 2-part carbon back plate, which is connected to cardan joints and can thus be moved, and which can adapt to the body angle of the pilot, so to speak.


For the vertical stability and straightening function for the pilot lying in the "sock", 2 lines are used, which are looped and sewn to a stainless steel ring sewed into the main suspension. One line then runs through a deck passage at the front to the inside of the plate and is deflected 180° to the rear and is connected in the middle of the plate with the line coming from the rear with an 8-knot.

Individual or correct adjustment of the line lengths is very important for the lying and angle of attack function and balanced centre of gravity.


Furthermore, the positions for the openings on the harness are positioned differently, as is the Velcro fastener for attaching the plate to the harness. The cut of the harness has also been improved with a change in the angle of the footrest and more waist in the calf area for better knee support.


With Tom we have the first Skyline ZD Speed made with Moyes Matrix carbon plate! This means: there is a significant development of a Moyes Matrix harness by Skyline available for pilots.So far only Moyes carbon plates from used Moyes harnesses have been used.

Slider extension: the Sliderbar can be extended by 2 cm to the front, thus achieving a better erection moment.


Upgrade your Moyes Matrix by Skyline! Cover a Moyes Matrix Carbon Plate with a new Skyline Skin!

Comfort, Function, Safety, Aerodynamic, Quality, Service, Repairs and Upgrades.





With the following order form you can configure the hang glider harness SKYLINE ZD SOX according to your needs.

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