Hang Glider / Hängegleiter/ Drachen

Hang Glider: 2.5 year checks for Moyes, Icaro, AIR and all other brands.

Repairs: Sails, carbon components, carbon speed bars, aluminum frames, rigging wires, original spare parts, surveying aerodynamic stability, test flying and trimming Hang Gliders.

Harnesses: checks, repairs and upgrades.

Rescue parachutes: Packing service, 2-year safety checks, upgrades, repairs, Harness - Parachute compatibility - testing (K-Testing), packing size changeover, weight reduction

Boat Covers, Sailmaking, Tailoring, Saddlery, Change & Sewing Studio

Custom made Hang Glider Harnesses

Special designs: wind protection, sun sails, light balloons, structures for LED lighting systems, tarps for boats of all kinds, upholstery covers, cowhide and leather covers etc.

Beanbag Seats:

Production of beanbag seats in different designs or individually according to customer requirements.

Paraglider / Gleitschirm / Paragleiter

Paragliders: 2-year checks for all brands, repairs, original spare parts.

Harnesses: checks, repairs and upgrades.

Rescue parachutes: Pack service, 2-year safety checks, repairs, Harness - Parachute compatibility - testing (K-Testing)





The ZDFR and the ZD Speed are the further development of the ZDR developed in 1998! This construction is based on a harness system, which is individually adjusted to the ergonomic shape of the body with a carbon back plate, which as a load distribution in length and width is adjusted to the ergonomic shape of the body, thus ensuring very high lying comfort. The central main suspension offers a very low air resistance and runs moveable on a so-called sliderbar! In flight it is behind the pilot's centre of gravity and provides head-heaviness, i.e. you have better handling and more power for fast flight, or you can pull the control bar or speed bar backwards without straightening up, so you can convert the force of pulling the control bar into speed and not straighten up at the same time. In addition, you can adjust the angle of attack of the pilot downwards by actuating the Kick-Ass system and you can speed even more efficiently. When landing you push your upper body upwards and the slider slides forward into landing position, you have an upright pilot angle of attack of about 45°. Unsurpassed in the whole market!

However, this construction requires a guy line from the carabiner to the front, so that the pilot does not tilt down due to the top-heavy C.G. suspension at the front! This guy line is the so-called pitch line, which can be individually adjusted with the Kick-Ass System developed by Skyline, with which the bottom can be adjusted.

The slider is held in the rearmost position by stretching the legs with the slider line, when the pilot is in a horizontal flight position no force is required, when the pilot is in a head up or upright position the slider with the main suspension has a tendency to slip forward into the landing position, to prevent this there is a sliderlock, a brake that ensures that the slider stays in the rear!

ZDR and ZDFR: both models are equipped with a so-called tube rescue container positioned above the thighs. This makes this construction very slim, but there is only little storage space available!

ZD SPEED: due to many requests for the use of 2 rescue systems the Speed was developed. With this model it is possible to equip one or two rescue systems! The rescues are laterally integrated and aerodynamically optimized by a spatially cut outer skin! You can integrate a corresponding storage pocket on the opposite side of the rescue if you only want one rescue! The rescues are packed longer, so that the overall height becomes slimmer and the harness does not become so wide! There is a packing length of the rescues of 38cm, 46cm and an extra long packing length of 53cm. The ZD Speed has a much larger storage space, as there is a hollow space behind the rescues, which should always be filled, so that the harness is better positioned to the rear! There is also a long internal back pocket, without the tube container this results in a much longer packing volume, because the rescue or rescues are integrated on the outside!

With both models, ZDFR and ZD Speed, only modern rescues with little packing volume can be used. Information on request!

Lightweight construction

Due to R&D in terms of weight reduction, we were able to achieve a weight reduction of up to 3 KG by using Dyneema webbing, lighter Cordura and Nylon fabrics, Carbon etc.!

Skyline ZDFR
Hang glider harness system
Skyline Zero Drag Full Race (ZDFR)


This model is the further development of the ZDR and is equipped with a so-called tube rescue container, which is positioned above the thighs. This construction is very slim, but offers only minimal storage space.

Skyline ZD Speed 
Hang glider harness system
Skyline Zero Drag Speed (ZD SPEED)


This model can be equipped with one or two rescue systems, which are integrated on the side. If only one rescue system is used, a stowage bag can be inserted on the opposite side. In addition, the rescues are packed longer, resulting in a flatter packing size and storage space behind the rescues.

Skyline ZD Sox
Hang glider harness system
(Moyes Matrix carbon plate)


In cooperation with Tom Weissenberger (multiple world record holder) a new harness system was developed, which only had to be slightly modified from the existing Skyline ZD Speed. At the front and rear of the plate end, pockets were sewn in for the 2-part carbon back plate, which is connected to cardan joints and can thus be moved, and which can adapt to the body angle of the pilot, so to speak.

Skyline UL-Tow-Release


The Skyline UL-Tow-Release is made of 20mm wide webbing and suitable for UL towing! Triggering when pulling the split pin requires only half the force that is deflected by the pull rope! It is based on the principle of a separation system for parachutists and has been the standard for many years! 2 loops made of a high-strength braided Dyneema line, one short and the second correspondingly longer, looped into each other via an eyelet that goes through the webbing and is fixed with a stainless steel pin.

To release it, pull the pin... more ...

Skyline Drogue Parachute
NEW Drogue Parachute Generation

Conventional drogue parachutes are mostly made according to the original design with very short, sometimes unsuitable safety lines and with a middle line! This leads to unreliable opening or incorrect behavior due to tangling of the lines during the opening process.

In the following a description of a new brake parachute generation!




Skyline stands for freedom and action as well as safety, comfort, quality and functionality. For all those who seek perfection and have made the sport of free flying a part of their lives.


Unlimited freedom. Being at one with Nature - with the wind and water, the sun and snow. That´s what it´s all about.

We know what we´re saying when we tell you there is nothing quite like flying. And we know what we´re doing when we develop harnesses, canopies and accessories. We are doing it for the sport. For pilots. For ourselves. For you!


It all began with a holiday in Hawaii, which was originally intended for surfing and hang gliding. There was not only "one size fits all" equipment for surfers but a huge selection of highly functional equipment for various purposes, all compatible with each other and impressive design. Fascinated by this, Wolfi Genghammer returned to Germany to perfect harness systems for hang-gliders and accessories.

Custom-made products are our strength. Custom made performance! Our work involves developing creative solutions for you or we implement predefined plans on your request.

Not only the basic ideas are crucial for the quality of a product, but above all the individual detailed solutions. We spend a lot of time developing various technologies in detail. It is often these details that improve functionality, safety or the visual appearance and thus the quality of a product. These detailed solutions often distinguish our products from those of the competition and SKYLINE has often been the pioneer for many solutions that have become standard.





Date 08.01.2019


Harness for Hang Glider SKYLINE ZERO DRAG/ZERO DRAG RACER DHV 03-0112-01


In the case of hang glider harnesses from the manufacturer SKYLINE Flight Gear with the type test number DHV-03-0112-01, structural changes have been made to the rescue reserve container during serial production which do not correspond to the type tested condition. Affected are rescue reserve containers with zipper opening mechanism. The manufacturer, Skyline Flight Gear, and the DHV have agreed that the hang glider harnesses of the above mentioned type must be subjected to an ordered inspection according to § 14 LuftGerPV. This inspection also includes the reassembly of a harness-own reserve inner container. The ordered inspection must be carried out by the manufacturer himself. The measure must be carried out before the next flight. The harness must not be operated again until the prescribed inspection/retrofit has been carried out.

Hang Gliding WM 2019, Tolmezzo, Italy


Images © Wolfgang Genghammer




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