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Update Zero Drag (older models)


Update Zero Drag (older models)

A good deal of development work, close collaboration with pilots and development input from top competition pilots means we are constantly making new findings and incorporating improvements into our products.
We are able to offer an UPDATE Service , so that all pilots can enjoy the benefit of some of the latest developments without having to replace their harnesses every year.
Changes can be made to older models of harness, within certain limits, to improve and update them. The update options vary according to the model and year of manufacture.

Please contact us if you are interested and we will prepare an offer for you according to your requirements.

This updates are normaly possible:

- Carbonplate:
shorten the carbon plate in the front  (better movement of the arms and shoulder)
V2A reinforcement plates on the carbon plate V2A
Flatening of the screws (wear points are minimized)
additional connection of the inner plate to the main plate => more strength
- Slider modification for increased strength
- Safety improvements at the harness
new main attachment with mounting sleeve
new reinforced bridle rescue system
Reinforcing the safety attachment
- KickAss update
- Replace Footcover



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