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Hangglider - Moyes

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Moyes Litespeed RS

The latest evolution and third generation of the innovative Moyes Litespeed range is the Moyes Litespeed RS. This glider has been specifically designed for racing and offers a larger wing span...

Moyes LitespeedS

In 1999, Moyes introduced the Moyes Litespeed designed by Gerolf Heinrichs. Since then the Moyes Litespeed has been prominent at many competitions and has occupied more top ten and podium...

Moyes Litesport

Welcome to the new evolution of king posted hang gliders - the Moyes Litesport. The Litesport performs similarly to a non-kingposted glider, but handles like an intermediate glider, making it...

Moyes Malibu

Once again a Moyes hang glider has reset the standards of its class. Utilising the technologies and expertise derived from the most successful manufacturer of competition gliders in the world,...

Moyes Litespeed RX

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