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Paraglider - Skyline

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Skyline Bat

The extraordinary Speedglider BAT, equipped with latest technologies from Paraglider r&d, is very stable, easy to launch and perfectly steerable by using combination of brakes/trims. Nylon...

Skyline Buzzard

Together with Richard Gallon, we developed this extraordinary Acro and Freestyle Glider. Depending on the size, the Buzzard is built for Acro beginner, up to absolute experts, who are able to...

Skyline Falcon

FALCON - the new basic Intermediate (LTF B) The Falcon is a glider with maximum of security, excelent performance and gives a lot of fun in flight, which arose in extensive development...

Skyline Owl

The beginner and fun glider, equipped with the newest technologies. High performance, perfect climbing and precise, light handling combined with a maximum of safety could be reached with this...
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