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Skyline Newsletter Week 6 - 11.02.2010

The time has come: Homologation Falcon Online

Due to the change of the LTF it lasted longer than expected. Promised for the beginning of 2010, you can find the Falcon on the DHV site.

1-2 becomes B

The LTF focuses to the latest test guideline on the EN certification. Therefore the “1-2” will be called “LTF B”.
We are proud to start with the freshly certified Falcon into the new season.
The homologation is finished and granted for 4 sizes, testcenters are established and gliders on stock.
Falcons first 150km flights are done (with Stephan Wirgler) and the feedback of our dealer is perfect.
In comparison flights, the Falcon always beat his competitors! Especially in accelerated flight… The spring can come.

If someone wants to convince of the excellent handling and the brilliant performance, he can do this in our testcenters. Besides, SKYLINE is on tour and has always demogliders thereby or we come to diverse testivals.

Next dates:
13.02-16.02. Bassano (Bernhard: p# +49-171-7577474)
28.02-03.03 Zillertal (Harzer Gleitschirmschule: p#+49-171-2113654)
20.03-21.03 Stubaital (Stubai Paragliding Testival – Flugschule Parafly p#+43-5226-3344)
27.03-11.04 Hohe Wand (Testival Fly Hohe Wand – p#+43-2638-22860)
30.04-02.05 APX Annecy (Testival und Ausstellung)
12.05-16.05 Kössen Super Paragliding Testival

Flywear Kössen
Flugschule Salzburg
Blue Sky Silian
Flight Club Lenggries
Harzer GSS Harz
Fly magic M Berlin
FS Aktiv Tegelberg
Fly hohe Wand

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