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Skyline Newsletter Week 34 - 21.08.2009

Skyline Falcon

The brand-new low-end Intermediate wing Falcon finished homologation test flights (LTF B, 1-2, EN B in progress) in all 4 sizes (24, 26, 27, 29).

The brand-new designed leading edge with nylon sticks and almost no mylar reinforcements, leads to the easy launching behaviour. The Falcon’s direct handling in flight provides enough security buffer for leisure pilots.

The sensitive handling of this awesome glider allows flat turns as well as dynamic flying.

A stable canopy ensures NO bad surprise in extreme flight manoeuvres – thus the Falcon suits every recreational pilot.

The new profile of the Falcon provides the high speed range and the high performance – setting state-of-the-art in the Intermediate glider design!

Weight range:
Falcon 24: 65-80 kg
Falcon 26: 75-95 kg
Falcon 27: 85-105 kg
Falcon 29: 100-125 kg

The eye-catching “wings” design underlines the current Skyline “bird-of-prey” Paraglider line-up.

The Falcon is available in 3 colour combinations. From discreet grey-white up to the striking red-gray combination – colours for each taste. Special colours are also available (surcharge and waiting time)!

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