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Skyline Newsletter Week 21 - 18.05.2009

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Piz (2009)

Our lightweight reversible harness PIZ has been updated too. On customers wishes, we fixed the inflation airbag to the harness. A new “tunnelsystem” for inflating the airbag, lead to sensational results at 2009 protection test at Para-Academy. This “tunnelsystem” is for fast inflation of the airbag, with very very slow deflation. So if you don’t have inflation, the protection still works for a longer period.
The PIZ comes with front- or side mount rescue. With the new developed light-weight rescue chutes, you can disregard the disadvantage of side mount rescue. Despite the use of heavy duty material, we attached importance to not to exceed 3,5kg.

Pure (2009)

Our light allround harness has been updated: Better cloth, more comfort and a bigger size-range for better fit!
We changed the geometry of the harness system, so you can better slip into the harness after launch. Now you can also change the angle of the seatboard. Adjustment of the shoulderbelt is now at the shoulder, not under the seat anymore. Padding of shoulderbelts has been changed completely – no wear anymore.
The protection has been tested in the beginning of 2009 at Para-Academy and reached sensational results. The combination of foam (10cm) and inflatable airbag appeared very successful. So you have excellent protection before launching, while the inflatable airbag isn’t filled yet.
New size range (S-M-L-XL) for better fit for all kind of pilots.

Core (2009)

We still have a harness for those who love simple foam protections, which doesn’t result in a rupture. The CORE doesn’t exceed 5kg of weight, in spite of complete foam protection and excellent comfort. The geometry of the harness system is more sporty than the system of the PURE, with deeper main suspension.
The shoulder belts are completely padded. Huge stowage back pocket, compact outline, with reduced weight and small packing volume.

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