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Skyline Newsletter Week 15 - 06.04.2009

First flights with the Skyline HAWK

We are proud to announce, that first flights with our new high performance (EN D class) glider HAWK were done at the BISCHLING in Austria. We are very satisfied with the performance and the handling of the glider. We had smooth thermals, but also some rough air (up to 6m/s) to test the behavior of our new baby. Start is very easy, the glider fills very good, but needs pressure on the A´s till the glider is over the pilot. Once in the air, you can feel the performance. The break pressure starts very light, but pressure increase, if break is pulled more. So the handling is very precise, light to use, but gives also a very good feedback of the glider, what is really necessary for a high performance wing. Collapses are easy to handle, not much loose of height and good to stabilize. The opening of collapses is very smooth, not hard, thanks to a small opening in the leading edge near the wingtip. Smooth opening helps to prevent a collaps on the other side, which often results in a cascade.
Pushing the acceleration shows the real performance. The gliders starts immediately to accelerate and you can really feel the performance. It is very stabil and cuts also through rough air and give the pilot a safe feeling. It´s really fun to push the acceleration. Collapses with full acceleration are not yet done. We will report soon.
About performance: It was possible to climb with different kind of gliders in thermals – competition gliders to other serial class glider. It was always possible to climb as fast as the others – also with the comp gliders. At half speed it was also possible to make the same performance as the comp gliders, only at full speed for sure comp gliders are faster with little more performance.
We are really happy, that most of our aims are already reached, now we have to test the extreme maneuvers in details, also to make glide tests in comparison with other gliders to get real results and not only an imagine.
But first impression was very satisfying.

Video on youtube:

See some pictures of the glider break system.


There are two major events at Easter: Bassano and Annecy.
We will be at both of these events. Wolfgang will be at Bassano (Trofeo Montegrappa) at our stand No 15 and will show our new products.

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