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Skyline Paragliders - 10.03.2009

Matthias Klinger, the new designer in the SKYLINE development department

We always spoke about this issue - now its real: Skyline Paragliders! After Skyline AC and Skyline Falcon, we are working on a Paraglider range. Matthias Klinger is now part of the Skyline development department and will be, together with Bernhard Greindl, responsible for all Paraglider designs.
Matthias Klinger designed his first gliders in the 90ies, yet that time wit han AR of 7.4!!! After some years, he retired from Paragliding design and exclusively developed rescue chutes for soaring. Since 2 years we are in intensive contact with Matthias and now the time has come working on the Skyline Paraglider range.
Matthias Klinger:
"I am looking forward to placing my 20 year experience in Glider design to the Skyline range. First prototypes are currently in production. I am sure that we will reach our ambitious aims regarding Performance, Handling and quality right now"

We are currently working on EN D and EN B gliders, which will be presented first.

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