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Mac Para ENVY 25 and 27 passed all DHV Tests - 01.06.2006

Mac Para ENVY 25 and 27 passed all DHV Tests

The new Mac Para DHV 2 glider ENVY has passed all DHV Tests successfully with sizes 25 and 27.
Performance, agility, stability and high climbing performance were the goals when designing this performance glider. The Envy was made for experienced cross country pilots looking for relaxed flying.

The slim elliptical form of the canopy has an aspect ratio of 5.71. The Envy has 56 cells with full diagonals. Lines are attached to every third rib and this construction allows the lines to be reduced to two tiers.

The glider is undemanding and resistant to collapse even in rough air. It features excellent stability throughout the full weight and speed range. The moderate brake pressure allows pleasant turns with good climbing performance and increases progressively toward the end of its travel to offer safety reserves. The canopy is moderately damped in all axes and offers flexibility and agility in turns. It does not overshoot or sit back.

In an induced collapse the glider does not rotate quickly and will usually reopen within 60 degrees. The opening is smooth and predictable. Easy launch and landing characteristics are a must.

The use of high-quality materials and constant quality control during the own MAC PARA manufacturing process together with consistent development work produces high quality products.

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