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Skyline Newsletter - 08.08.2008

By mounting the foot rest and the adjustment near the carabiner, a separation of the foot rest by pulling the reserve handle is not possible. Since a long time ago, Skyline has a different solution, which already is standard in RIDE and RACER.
This development also brings the substantial advantage that the speedbar is always ready-for-action and annoying fumbling is a thing of the past.
An elastic line with loops goes on the left and right side of the foot rest. The first step of the speedbar will be attached to the loops. By this elastic line, the foot rest and the speedbar will be held in front of the bottom container.
When using the foot rest, the first step of the speedbar will be recuperated and is ready-to-use under the calves.

  1. During longer flights, the foot rest length can be varied. This allows an easier change of position and contributes to better relaxing during the flight.
  2. The main advantage is that the foot rest supports steering by weightshift. E.g. cranking to the right, you just have to fully stretch your right leg and relieve the left leg a little, so the right hand side carabiner moves to the front. Thus the angle of attack on the right side slightly changes in comparison to the left side - this is only a small effect, but clearly noticeable.

Foot Rest difficulty

Due to the security alert by Karl Slezak (DHV), we (SKYLINE) want to take a firm stand to foot rest problem. We believe that a foot rest, which is fixed near the carabiners and which can be adjusted (even in flight), has significant advantages compared to a foot rest, which is fixed to the front edge of the board.

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