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Skyline Flugfest&Moyes Meeting - 20.08.2008

Skyline Flugfest and Moyes Meeting at 30. and 31 August 2008 in Germany

Skyline Flugfest and Moyes Meeting at 30. and 31 August 2008 in Germany

Once again, Skyline arranges the traditional Moyes Meeting with Skyline Party, Testival, Airshow and Red Bull Fly-In near the CHIEMSEE.
There will be a big flight event with Hangglider, Paraglider, Ultralight, Parachutes and anything else what is able to fly…

RED BULL FLY IN: Beside the big Airshow there will be also a “FLY IN” competition for Hangglider and Paraglider. The longest flight to the event area wins!

Corinna Schwiegershausen will moderate the complete event.

The Dragonflys and the Trikes can be booked for sightseeing flights!

There will be a lot of VIP of the Hanggliding scene:
3rd European champion Michael Friesenbichler, Moyes constructor and 3rd at the world championship in Texas Gerolf Heinrichs, the 11 times German champion Bob Baier, vice European champion and XC contest leader Tom Weissenberger, FAI2 world champion Robert Reisinger, the 3 times world champion Corinna Schwiegershausen and Dragonfly constructor Bob Bailey. All they are at the event to answering questions.
Toni Roth will be here with his new electric propelled Atos.

There will be some lectures about hangglider techniques and trimming the hangglider with Gerolf Heinrichs. Lectures of the best flights of Tom Weissenberger - a demonstration of the newest instruments of DIGIFLY.

For sure Pilots can also free fly. There is the possibility for towing with Trike or Dragonflys (there will be 3 or 4 Dragonflys this time!) or to fly from the mountains sites near the area (Hochfelln, Hochplatte)

Also there is the possibility to test all stuff which Skyline got in the distribution: Moyes Litespeed S, Litespeed RS, Litesport and the fun floater Malibu, also paraglider of Mac Para and Niviuk and for sure the whole harness range – hanggliding and paragliding. You can also take a look at the new instruments of DIGIFLY.

There are enough reasons for making party! Barbecue, Cocktails, DJ, Videos and cold beer are our specials.
Tel 08642-5979-0

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