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Skyline HG News - 12.10.2007

Moyes Litespeed RS DHV homologated

Moyes Litespeed RS 3,5 and RS 4 passed DHV tests!

DHV Gütesiegel homologated!

RS 3,5 DHV 01-0426-07
RS 4 DHV 01-0427-07

All features like Inlaid sail, Zoom A-Frame with Carbon Speedbar, Carbon Leading Edge, Carbon Dive Sticks and Carbon battens for less weight (- 3,5kg), better handling and increased glide are being homologated also!

Cockpit mount and wheels for Speedbar

We are offering now screwable wheels with hubs for profiled speedbars (Moyes Carbon Speedbar/Fastbar).

Already in our range is the new Cockpit mount for profiled Speedbars. This mount is made for easily turning up/down the cockpit while launch/landing. You also can de-mount the cockpit by removing the quickpin.

Skyline ZDR und ZDFR

The custom-made high-performance hangglider harnesses were enhanced - i.e. up to 15G (1800 DaN=1,02 Kp) - and thus tested for breaking load. We reached a very high breaking elongation!

Main suspension: 2938 DaN
secondary/backup suspension: 1844 DaN
rescue bridle: 3716 DaN

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