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Side Protection for SKYLINE harnesses - 16.07.2007

Side Protection for SKYLINE harnesses

Right now it is possible to upgrade with Side impact Protection to all SKYLINE Paragliding harnesses. The side impact protection will be delivered with a nylon pocket with special foam inlay, adapted from motorcycle protection cloth, fit to Paraglider harness! The protection is built with enhanced PROFOAM-PU-Material, which is made for a headroom of 20-30mm.
An excellent material-shock-damping behavior in a high temperature range as well as the low weight and a moisture insensitivity are the outstanding features of this new development. It was tested according to CE-1621-1.
Price for upgrade: 49,- Euro (incl. 19%MwSt)
Right now all harnesses could be delivered optional with side protection.

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