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Review 2006 - 01.01.2007


This young company is one of the upcoming brands on the market. No miracle, Olivier Nef as longtime Advance Constructor knows what to do to make a good glider! And you won’t find a better test pilot than Raul Rodriguez. He showed that at the Acro World Championship in Villeneuve!
The products of Niviuk are of best quality – also at the small details. The ARTIK as a DHV 2 glider was sold very good. A glider with very good reputations, not build to the border of the DHV 2 class. So it is a easy glider for a experienced pilot with very good performance. The NK1 is used at the schools and the HOOK is the right glider for average pilots. With the competition glider ICEPEAK Niviuk was able to show, that they could make gliders with maximum performance. This leaded to the 2nd Place of Bruno Arnold at the PWC at Reunion.

new Website

We made our website completely new and also with a complete new design. Now it is easy to handle and very good looking – we think. So you could also find always some news of the whole paragliding and hanggliding scene at our brand new homepage.

a. review

The year 2006 was a very successful year for SKYLINE. All “our” brands are well established on the market. International competition successes showing that SKYLINE chose its distributed brands carefully.

Mac Para

New Gliders was shown at the Stubaicup 2006 and the new models has been sold good during the year. With the ENVY there was brought a very good DHV 2 glider on the market, which find a lot of friends.
The competition results of the Magus 5 are phenomenal. At every competition the magus was found under the best pilots. The best team at the PWC was MAC PARA! Also some tasks was won by Pilots like Gregory Blondeau, Tomas Brauner, Martin Orlic or the Valic Brothers. And last but not least the new (yet unofficial) world records of the Valic Brothers.
We are sure that Peter Recek (Constructeur of Mac Para) will use his experience with this competition gliders also at the serial gliders. Best handling was always a most important point for Peter for a good glider. So there is no Mac Para Glider with a bad or uncomfortable handling – also the competition gliders!
Also he is aware of very good quality and he wants to check the quality always by himself. This high aim could only be reached with production and construction in-house. Gliders produced in Europe – today not very usual – but a sign for high quality.


There was a high demand for the Litespeed S. Moyes is the leading hanggliding brand, there is no competition, no OLC day without a Litespeed at the first places!
Just check the OLC List: 7 Litespeed at the TOP 10!


We are distributing 3 paragliding brands and all they are at the top places in the competitions. Best situation for us! Mac Para is “Team winner PWC”, second Place Greg Blondeau, 3rd place Tomas Brauner.
Niviuk: Bruno Arnold at the second Place at the PWC in Reunion. And watch out for next year, you will find more NIVIUKs at the Top places.
We also had good luck with Robert Bernat. He is the upcoming star at the German and international paragliding scene! He just wanted to test the U3 at the Bavarian open and made the first place! After that he climbed up at the German list to Number 1. So he is now national team pilot and showed his performance and the performance of the U3 at Reunion with winning one task.


There has been a lot of Events in 2006. The start was at the STUBAI CUP, where Skyline has been with a big tent. After that the Free Flight followed and also the Eastermeeting at Bassano and a lot more Testivals and Festivals. We organised the traditional SKYLINE Party and Moyes Meeting at the Wessner Hof/Hochplatte. This time bigger it was a great success. After that we went also to St. Hilaire coupe Icare where we have been with our stand. For the end of the year we have been at the Thermikmesse Sindelfingen.


An unusual company with an unusual glider and unusual concepts. The constructor GIBUS is always fiddling and always searching for new ways to build a glider with maximum performance. So it is no miracle that there is no glider with a higher aspect ration than the U3. And also it is no miracle that nearly unknown pilots has been able to fly to the top of the best pilots with the U3. There is no competition without the U3 in the first ranks. Even if Aircross does not build gliders for the average pilots, it is funny to see this gliders flying, also it is fun to put time and money into this brand, because GIBUS is enriching the whole paragliding scene.


Some harnesses like the RIDE, CORE and the PURE produced a ver big demand. Our concept to build high quality harnesses with good design was accepted very good. In spite of long delivery times the demand was high and we could not (yet) deliver as much harnesses as ordered.
The demand for the very aerodynamic and ultracool looking hanggliding harness ZERO DRAG FR was much bigger than expected. So you could find now a lot of the best Pilots at the competitions and the OLC with the SKYLINE harness. Like for example the best international Pilots of the OLC Martin Buchberger or Gil Souviron. Form and Design is highly accepted, we are proud of that and will go on with this concept!

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