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Mac Para Team wins! - 20.11.2006

Mac Para Team wins PWC 2006

Gregory Blondeau second, Thomas Brauner third, Petra Krausova second

Competition results achieved during 2006 are the fruits of great team work.
MAC PARA TEAM pilot’s outstanding efficiency combined with intensive development work on competition gliders has lead to a superb competition wing with a massive winning potential - the Magus 5. We thank all pilots for flying MAC PARA .
Congratulations to MAC Para Team on their extraordinary competition results.
MAC PARA has for some years been a sponsor of the Paragliding World Cup and other international and national events. The contest remains a challenge for the MAC PARA development team. Although the costs of development and running a competition team are high, MAC PARA has transferred much of the information gained and ideas into serial production. Additionally testing of new materials gives an advantage for future products. Thanks to this, we’ll see them in the sky in future.

Petra Krausova
1st place Czech Championship, Italy
1st place European Championship
1st place PWC Reunion
2nd place Paragliding World Cup

Greg Blondeau
8th place PWC Brasil
1st place PWC Austria
7th place PWC Slovenia
3rd place PWC Reunion
2nd place Paragliding World Cup

Thomas Brauner
2nd place PWC Brasil
12th place PWC Austria
3rd place Czech Championship, Italy
3rd place European Championship
3rd place PWC Slovenia
7th place PWC Reunion
3rd place Paragliding World Cup

Martin Orlik

3rd place PWC Brasil
2nd place PWC Austria
1st place Czech Championship, Italy

Urban Valic
2nd place Caribbean XC Challenge
1st place Swiss Championship
5th place Slovenia Championship
1st place Turkish Championship
2nd place Hungarian Championship
1st place Croatian Championship

Aljaz Valic
1st place Caribbean XC Challenge
7th place Swiss Championship
13th place European Championship
1st place Slovenia Championship
5th place Turkish Championship
1st place Hungarian Championship
World record of 256 km goal and back

Karel Vrbensky
2nd place Czech Championship, Italy
5th place Italian Open
11th place PWC Brasil
19th place PWC overall
Czech record of 285 km

After travelling almost the whole world, after many of hours of preparation, hard training and competing, now comes a time of deserved success, celebration and generating power and inspiration for next season...

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate to Christian Maurer 2006 PWC winner and Karin Appenzeller 2006 PWC winner in the female category. …Cheers Greg...

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