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Boisselier über die WM in Forbes - 30.01.2013

Skyline Pilot Antoine Boisselier ist wieder in seiner Heimat Frankreich und schickte uns ein paar Bilder mit ein paar Eindrücken von der WM in Forbes, bei der er den sehr guten 10ten Rang erreichte:

"THe worlds in Forbes where for me the tuffest comp ever, and the best as well! We flew so many good days and some great skies! We had an incredible level in the field, so it means some amazing gaggle flying on the stable days, It was very hard to make the difference, even by pushing hard, the group was very strong. We also had very strong winds, with scary landings in 50 km/h or more gust front....Luckily no one get injured! But finally we had some great clouds with the possiblility to fly your own line and fly fast, it was great! But even on thoses days, the conditions changed radically and we had to struggle in weak conditions to complete those very long circuit tasks! The RX was a great wing for this comp as it's very easy to handle, so we didn't get tired (not much actually ;-)) even after 10 tasks! The behaviour is excelent, very sweet handling, not much work on it to climb well!
 It was crazy man! A great comp! Never flew that much! I'm a little bit disapointed after the last task but it's not a big deal, at least I tried hard!
I reckon that Gerds harness looks the best of all the fields!

Gratulation noch einmal!
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