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Litespeed RX - 04.05.2012

Hier ein ausführliches Email von Jonny Durand an Gerolf über den neuen Litespeed RX.

Hi Gerolf, thanks for the message.
My thoughts on the RX 3.5 is that I am definately climbing better than everyone. I keep climbing through Paris and the WW.. I told Paris before day 1 how good it climbs and after the last climb when he was above me and I climbed through him then beat him on the 20km final he realised. Day 2 I was with Paris again and did the same thing 3 circles and through him when we arrived at goal he came to me and said you were right about how well that glider climbs..:-)
So I think for me right now I’m climbing better than ever. I really noticed it against Andre Wolf in Brazil cause he would always out climb me in the RS and this year I was able to climb through him on occasions and he never climbed through me once..
I am 75 kgs right now and flying with no ballast. I have done quite a few glides with Paris and I feel I am not losing at all but sometimes gaining if anything. I think considering the span of the glider it's performance is very good I think as good as the RS 3.5 but the handling is something else.
I have never felt so comfortable in thermals and gaggles and I find that I am even using VG when thermalling for the first time ever. I’ve never used any VG on RS but this glider I’m finding about 1/4 to 1/3 is working well for me.
I think the sprogs are reasonably low and I know Steve sent me a message telling me to go up 1 turn.. I might go up a little and bring the reflex down to half and see what that does today.
Sometimes on glide I notice that I get oscillated (yaw around a little) but I guess that is from the small tips apart from that I could not be more happier with this glider. So far I’ve had great results in Brazil and here on this toy.. 3x 1st 2x 2nd 1 x 3rd and a 9th when no one made goal. No complaints..
I will let you know how I go after flying today with the new set up. I think it will be our last good day here so I need to win again just in case the weather turns shitty..
….Anyway I did the changes today I raised my outboards 3/4 and inboards 1/2 turns and lowered reflex in first 4 battens and flattened the no5 batten a little as you mentioned...
I had lighter pitch, I’m not sure if the climb was a lot better but I did pull away from Zac and Joe bostik today. I came in below them climbed through, left, Zac followed, I hit another climb and I was gone and managed to get about 7 kms in front of them before getting low in the shade:(
I ended up 3rd as you might have seen already about 11 mins beyond Zac, but I beat Paris by 7 or 8 mins so I have increased the lead..
I did a final with Bostik in a headwind today and I pulled away slowly from him in altitude and distance on a 14km final.
The first thing Zac said when I landed was, “man have you got an engine on that thing cause you just left us like we were standing still”.. I thought this is exactly what you were talking about with Michi the end result is not always important as much as it is showing the other guys your kicking there ass, So, I figured it has to be the glider, right? :))
Anyway I will put a little more reflex back in the battens tomorrow and leave it like that as I don’t have lots of pitch with this setup as I’m missing those carbon battens and Inserts as mentioned..
Not sure if we will fly as the weather is getting worse, but lets see..
Kraig will be flying the RX 3.5 in the Rally and he is like 84kg so that will be a good test on how much we can load the glider up..:-)

Talk soon

Regards, Jonny
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