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Moyes boys - 08.03.2011

Forbes 2011:
We’ve had a great flying summer considering the terrible conditions in most other parts of Australia.
We arrived in Forbes on the 27th December to bridges just outside of Forbes being closed because of flooding!
Still we had 12 flyable days out of 16, which was amazing considering Brisbane were having their worst floods of all time.
Forbes turned on one epic day. We arrived at the task briefing and Gerolf had beaten us all there and already had the task on the board, and quite frankly said it’s Hay or further!
The 318.8 km task was the longest Forbes task ever, the 2nd longest task in Australia and the 3rd longest competition task in the World. We had 29 pilots make goal and 28 pilots make personal best flights. There were some very happy and some very tired faces the next day at briefing.
We had 3 days of flying in each of the competitions and the Moyes boys placed very well.

Craig Worth Open Steve Hocking Classic
1st Jonny Durand RS3.5 1st Jonny Durand RS3.5
2nd Curt Warren RS4 2nd Carl Wallbank RS3.5
3rd Gerolf Heinrichs RS3.5 3rd Trent Brown RS3.5

Jonny continued his great start to the season to take out his 11th consecutive win at the NSW State Titles at Manilla, and he’s a Queenslander to boot! The Manilla comp had a great roll up with nearly 60 pilots and great flying with 7 consecutive days. Moyes Boys won 6 of the 7 days starting with Dave May on day 1, followed by Curt Warren, Jonny Durand, Dave Seib and Conrad Loten. Overall: 1st Jonny Durand RS3.5, 2nd Scott Barret, 3rd Dave May RS4.
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