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between fitting - 03.11.2015

The fitting and the comfort of a hanggliding harness is very important at every flight. If the harness does not fit, there is no fun at the flights.
The most pilots keep the harness for a longer time, also if they change the glider often. Because of the lying position, it is very important, that the harness fits to the body.
We at Skyline always try to improve the fitting and the comfort of a hanggliding harness. Experience over the years leads to a lot of very satisfied customers.
But it is time to make the next step: Especially pilots with a body besides a  "standard" body or pilots, who are staying very long in the air, it makes sense to check the fitting of a harness during the process of manufacturing it:
So we offer now the between fitting
This sounds easy and obvious. But it is not that easy: To test the fitting before the harness is finished, it is necessary to sew it provisionally together, to put the Zipper and other necessary stuff on it, so that the pilot can check it.
So our customer visit us during the production and test the raw harness about fitting and comfort. Now there is the possibility to change details to fit the harness perfect. After this is finished, now the other stuff like the outer shell is produced. Just like it is made with a good designer tailor-made.
NOW it is the right time to order, if you want to have a new perfect fitting hanggliding harness for next season... :-)
Feel free to ask some questions.

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