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Ein paar Worte von Antoine - 19.03.2015

Antoine Boissolier ist wieder zurück von der WM in Mexico und schon wieder am Fliegen mit seiner Family...
Er schickte uns gleich eine email mit ein paar Worten zur WM, die wir euch nicht vorenthalten wollen:
Hi Wolfi,
Thanks again for your support !

Flying the XX° hanggliding worlds In Valle de Bravo was an experience ! It's a great place, but not an easy place as the landings are small, tricky and very high ! As sais the brazilain Glauco, all the pilots are the champions ! We had great conditions, with nice Cum's, nice convergences, and long final glide full speed ! It was a blast to race with all the best pilots of the wolrds ! I'm very happy with my gear (Skyline Speed harness), witch alow me to play with Christian Ciech in a hard match ! I wich i had two more days to lay harder but Christian deserves it really ! 2nd place is my best result and I'm very happy about it !
Thank you for such a nice harness, I'm not sure about it, but I think that the hump on the back is what made the difference on the two high speed final glide we made with Christian ! Both time I could beat him by one or two seconds:-)

Danke Antoine und nochmal: Congratulations!
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