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The Intermediate level harness for Paragliding Skyline Project was introduced in 2000. To the year 2003 appr. 700 pcs were sold worldwide. This harness was equipped with a fully integrated tubecontainer which was very up-to-date at that time. The Tubecontainer came from the development of the brand-new hangglider harness Zero Drag.
Setting the new standard for ambitious pilots, who trust in the proven Skyline-Comfort.

The free-sliding shoulder straps allow the pilot a quick change from a upright position into a lying position (e.g. for accelerated flight); moreover this systems improves the pilot´s freedom of movement!

The new integrated rescue container (IRC) -situated under the seat board - guarantees more comfortable flying because the centre of gravity is situated lower and more central; this and the wedge-shaped back pocket provide profiled styling!

*harness is designed like a bucket seat
*neoprene side covering (cooling resistant)
*side chest strap runs through carbine; this, combined with the DAS (= DiagonalActiveSystem) results in a much more solid behaviour of the whole harness
*side chest-straps adjustable with flat latches
*Free-sliding shoulder straps allow the pilot to move in a comfortable upright position and different seat positions in flight without tiresome adjusting
*free-sliding shoulder straps are adjustable by flat latches
*ergonomic stitched foam layers on back (1,5 cm foam)
*integrated Speedsystem with "returning chord"
*additional chest strap with velcro prevents the shoulder strap from sliding down
*“Falling out”-Protection by Safe-T-System
*rings for towing release or cockpit
*large side pocket with zipper
*neoprene side-pockets
*small side pockets with zipper
*Tube rescue container, installed under seat (IRC); low and central centre of gravity; very short handle(short connection between container and handle)– all common rescue chutes are suitable!
*18 cm special airbag
*Cool "Stripe-Retro-Design"

material: 100 % PA Nylon/Cordura
latches: AustriAlpin
zippers: Optiflex
sizes: M-L-XL
weight incl. airbag and snap hooks: 5500 g
DHV MZL GS-03-232-01


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