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The Paragliding harness Skyline Distance was introduced 1990. To 1996 approx. 2000 pcs were sold worldwide!

- ergonomic shaped seat
- back pocket with rescue container. Detachable for schooling
- edges on the side covers of the back pocket with rubber springs for best flexibilty
- shoulder belts with trims
- continuous padding of the backpart
- side chest belts with trims
- variable adjustable cross belts
- Riley-Rolls for Speedsystem
- pocket in the backpart for protection
- huge stowage pockets
- rescue container with UV protection
- padded seat area
- simple flat seatboard

The harness system of the Distance was built in 4 version and was improved again and again over the years.

The harness Distance X, which was introduced in 1991,  has been the most popular harness at this time so far.

Max. hook in weight:    100 kg
empty weight: 3,4 kg
pilots height:     -1,7             from 1,7
sizes:                     S                 L

Distance: DHV GS-03-0062-90
Distance X: DHV GS-03-0077-91
Distance XR: DHV GS-03-0096-92
New Distance: DHV GS-03-0133-94

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