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The heavy duty cloth Cordura® is being used in all our products. With our HG and PG harnesses the 250g/m² Cordura® of german weaving mill C.F.WEBER GmbH is being used. Weber is manufacturing Cordura® clothes in licence from DuPont!

* Cordura® for maximum durability
* Cordura® is a High-Performance cloth, which is abrasion and tear resistant
* Cordura® for long-life cycle
* Cordura® is:
    - 10x more durable than cotton duck
    - 3X more durable than standard polyester
    - 2x more durable than standard nylon

The fabrics in the pics have been tested by the Modified Wyzenbeck abrasion test.
This is a sandpaper abrasion test measured in cycles.

2nd pic: Cordura after 3000 cycles
3rd pic: Nylon after 1000 cycles
4th pic: Cotton after 700 cycles
5th pic: Polyester after 700 cycles

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