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The Tubecontainer is the "outer container" of the harness/rescue chute, which is integrated in the Paragliding harness under the seatboard. There is only one opening of the container on the side, which is closed with 4 leafes.
The Tubsystem got to be released actively. It means, that the inner container incl. reschue chute got to be pulled completely out of the Tube.
Following harnesses were delivered with the Tubecontainer:
- Project (2000-2003)
- Phase (serial not commencing with "P5")
- Project Bi (serial not commencing with "BI")
- Racer II (all)

You have to pay attention to fitting the rescue chute into the Tubecontainer. The release handle HAS to be fixed at the face side (narrow side of the inner container). The bridle HAS to be put in S-loops BEHIND the inner container. A test-release HAS to be done!

* no unintentional release
* protection against humidity from below
* low and central centre of gravity
* very short handle(short connection between container and handle)

* the rescue chute has to be pulled actively out of the Tubecontainer and doesnt fall out of the container by itself while releasing the safety pins.

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