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The Paragliding harness Project followed the advanced/comfort model Skyline Phase in 2002. At least appr. 1500 pcs were sold worldwide till 2005. First the Phase was delivered with the proven Tubecontainer - in 2003 an alternative version was available with 5- leafcontainer.
Different technologies were applied in the Phase first of all. These technologies established in the meantime, also in other brands modells!
The successor of the Phase is the current X-Over harness Ride!
The new harness Phase is build of the approved PROJECT and got an extra seatboard extension. The harness was developed for advanced pilots, who wants to combine maximum comfort with athleticism. Because of the free-sliding shoulder straps it is much easier and more elegant to fly with shifting the weight. Standing upright at the starting place and a very dynamic start are excellent possible. While the flight, every position could be changed very easy without adjusting – upright in the thermal – lying while accelerating – no problem! A highlight: The seatboard extension goes over a roll and does go out of the way while starting and landing. Once adjusted, there is no adjusting of the seatboard extension after the start.

* harness is designed like a bucket seat
* side covering with bags
* side chest strap runs through carbine; this, combined with the DAS (= DiagonalActiveSystem) results in a much more solid behaviour of the whole harness
* side chest-straps adjustable with flat latches
* Free-sliding shoulder straps allow the pilot to move in a comfortable upright position and different seat positions in flight without tiresome adjusting
* free-sliding shoulder straps are adjustable by flat latches
* ergonomic stitched foam layers on back (1,5 cm foam)
* integrated Speedsystem
* seatboard extension goes over rolls
* "Falling out"-Protection by Safe-T-System
* rescue container either with Tubesystem or leaf system
* 18 cm special foam protector

size                                                M                L            XL
suspension height
snap hooks (cm)                     41,5            42            42
distance snap hooks (cm)    40-55        41-55        42-55
height of chest strap (cm)         31            33            35
length of backpart (cm)             56            59            64
length of seatboard (cm)         42            44            47
width of seatboard (cm)            39            42            42
body height (cm)                165-175        170-185    180-195

material: 250g/m² DuPont® Cordura®
buckles: Finsterwalder
zippers: Optiflex
weight incl. protector and snap hooks: 5,7 kg
DHV MZL GS-03-0253-02

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