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Contest 4

The HG harness Contest 4 basing on the very popular Contest ZV. It was introduced 1998. The Slider System, which was constituted by the end of the 80ies, was the base of the contruction of the Contest 4. The pitch-variation and the tubeframe for the back support were proved for more then 10 years. Here you can see the latest design influences and colour combinations, which led to its successor Zero Drag, which was designed and developped completely new!

The integralharness Skyline CONTEST 4 is the improved version of the Skyline Contest ZV. This makes it one of the most up-to-date harnesses on the market. Our experience of many years in the field of harness-development has clearly increased comfort, fit, function and perfomance (less drag).

DECISIVE IMPROVEMENTS of the CONTEST 4 compared to the predecessor CONTEST ZV:
• steeper footpart leads to more comfort, because your feet have to be less streched
• improved total fit
• storagebag inside
• hip-closure inside
• front-anchoring runs over a roll, which is integrated underneath the carbine of the
main suspension
• attractive, new design


• double steel - cross bracing of the aluminium pipes in the back area
• automatically adjustable, central one-point-suspension • optimized and relaxed shoulderposition, because of the longer aluminium pipes and the connection to the shoulderstraps which is thereby shifted to the front
• aluminium-safety locks • main suspension with 2,5 tonnes ultimate load • rope-pulley for the variation of the pilot‘s inclination-angle • adjustable, upholstered shoulderstraps • detachable bagpocket inside the harness • optimized fit • camerapocket • new larger parachute - rip-cord grip with cotterpin-closure

• „Lycra“-radiopocket • legstraps with closures • 6000 kg steel carbines

DHV 03-0079-90
maximum pilot weight: 100 kg
empty weight: 4,0 kg
material: FILBATEX® 100% PA

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