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Skyline – Since 1985!

The Beginning
Die Anfnge If you grew up in the "Chiemgau", you lived between water and mountains. When Windsurfing became popular in Europe in the 70s, Wolfgang Genghammer quickly became intrigued and involved with this new sport. A short time later the first hang gliders were flying in the Alps. Wolfi was fascinated and began flying in 1976. At the time, he was only 18 years and was taught by Schorsch Steffl.

Sportchic In this time he carried on a sports-boutique in Übersee - this company you can still find today. Wolfi got some contacts to the sport-branch and a feeling for the design in the sewing workshop of his parents.

The Idea

In 1982 five friends spent their holidays on Hawaii. They wanted to do both windsurfing and hang gliding on the island of Oahu. One of the 5 friends was Wolfi, he was fascinated by the great development of equipment for windsurfers. In Hawaii, everything was different compared to Europe. In Europe, each windsurf rig had only one design for the base and boom. In Hawaii, there were many different variations and options available and being developed.

When Wolfi was back in Germany, he started to perfect the equipment for hang gliding equipment. This was the hour of birth for "Skyline" ! He began to develop and produce hang gliding harnesses of his own design and each was handcrafted with precision. Comfort, fit, configuration and design should be the measure of quality.

After a short collaboration with the harness producers Keller and Prieler, Wolfgang was searching for his own production facility. He organized the office and the factory with two Adler sewing machines in his flat. In 1987 he produced the first hang glider harness called the "Contest". In 2000, he introduced several designs; the "Different", the "Contest ZV" and the "Different 2" as well as the "Zero Drag Racer" in 2000. Since then, more than 3,500 "Skyline" hang gliding harnesses have been sold. In addition to hang gliding, Wolfgang began importing and distributing paragliders in 1987.

In 1978 Wolfi began flying in hang gliding competitions: 1978 to 1995 He took part in the German League. 1981 he won the German Championship in FAI-2. 1983 he became Bavarian Champion, flying a UP Comet. 1983 he also flew with the national team on the Tegelberg, 1984 he flew in the European Championships in Norway and 1985 he took part at the World Championships in Kössen. 1994 was his last contest, the Argentine Championship, where he flew on to 5th position.

The Hang Gliding story

Wolfi became acquainted with Carl Braden, the director at Enterprise Wings. This occurred during a journey through Australia. Wolfi began doing business with the Aussies and showed his flair for developing new products. He spearheaded the distribution for the Enterprise "Foil series", both B and C models, for Europe. Both models were a big success. He sold over 500 gliders in two and a half years.

Wolfi´s competition associations helped him again in 1991: In Australia again, Wolfgang Genghammer established a relation to Ricky Duncan´s new company Airborne and he introduced the OZ brand in Europe for the hole range of products. Betimes he gave up the "Trike"-business. But you can buy "Airborne" hang gliders still today.

In 1996, Skyline took over the French hang gliding company "La Mouette".. Again, Genghammer had a good nose, one and a half years later, Guido Gehrmann became World Champion with a "Topless". But the "Topless" wasn´t very popular in Germany.

In 1997 he took over the sales from Exxtasy" of "Flight Design" as well as 1999 "Atos" from "A.I.R.". Wolfgang Genghammer said:" If the array of products weren´t so diversified I couldn´t live from the selling of hang gliders."

During "Free Flight 1999", "Skyline" presented the hang gliding company "Europe Sails", which was unknown in Germany.

In the year 2000, "Skyline" absorbed the agency for "Moyes"-models in Germany and Austria.

The Paraglider story

"Skyline" began selling paragliders right from the beginning. From 1987 Skyline sold wings made by "Condor" including the models "HP", "SP" and, at the time, the newest and hottest model from condor the "VIP". Then Skyline began their own developments in 1989: the "Skyline AC". This wing had round openings and was sold for 2 years.

In 1990, Genghammer introduced the products from "Advance" in Germany and Austria, which was very profitable . Earlier, in 1994 "Skyline" had sold "Nova-gliders", too: "Spinx" and "Phocus", until they changed to "Charly Products".

Prior to the year 2000, "Skyline" had sold more than 2,500 paragliders. Genghammer gave the distribution of "Advance-gliders" to his longtime assistant Christian Geierstanger. But checks and service is done from "Skyline" still.

Genghammer succeeded in another coup because he introduced gliders from "Windtech" in Germany and Austria 1999. The paragliders from the Spain manufacturer, like "Quarx" and "Ambar" were good selling in the North-alps-territory.

In 2001 "Skyline" had a French label again: The German and Austrian market got served their gliders from "Flying Planet" (later "Aerodyne").

Then, after 10 years "Skyline" got his own glider, the "Falcon", again.

2003 The distribution of the label "Mac Para" began in 2003 with its top seller the "Intox".



  • the "Contest" was developed for Wolfgang Genghammer´s competitions. Originally as a harness, which is adapted on his own requirement. The harness was serial-produced in handcraft.


  • introduction of the Australian HG-producer "Enterprise Wings" in the German Market (first "DHV" registration) with the model "Foil".


  • the successor of the "Contest" is "Contest ZV"
  • approach of the Swiss PG company "Advance" into the German Market


  • approach of the Australian HG-producer "Airborne" into the German Market


  • PG-harness "Supersede"


  • PG-harness "Skyline Subsonic"


  • distribution of the France HG company "Lamouette" with the hit model "Topless"


  • successor of "Contest ZV" is "Contest 4"


  • introduction of the PG-harness "Skyline Smart"
  • "Skyline" started as a distribution partner of the Spain company "Windtech" for Germany and Austria
  • distribution of the HG-harness "Skyline Zero Drag"


  • launch of the Spain company "Windtech" with the paraglider model "Ambar" in Germany


  • after 10 years, "Advance" cancelled the collaboration with "Skyline" and supplied the flying schools in Germany and Austria from France itself.
  • begin of the France paraglider company "Flying Planet" and "Windtech Kites" with the model "Rebel


  • The company "Flying Planet" changed to "Aerodyne paragliders"
  • begin of selling "Mac Para paragliders"
  • introduction of the exclusive harness company "Kortel Design"


  • establishment of the "Skyline Flight Gear GmbH" with Wolfgang Genghammer as boss
  • takingover distribution of "Brunotti Boards"


  • "Aerodyne paragliders" stopped the cooperation with "Skyline"
  • "Mac Paras" rise, end of the cooperation with "Windtech Kites"


  • change of the products of the PG harness. Adoption of the PG harnesses "Pure" and "Core"
  • takingover distribution of "Aircross paragliders"
  • end of the cooperation with "Brunotti Boards"


  • reorganization to "Skyline Flight Gear GmbH & Co. KG" with Bernhard Greindl as limited partner and manager
  • takingover distribution of "Niviuk Gliders"
  • new PG harness line
  • improvement of the HG harness with new model "ZD FR"